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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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Astoundingly Awesome!!
Inner Frame - Wow! I cant stress this enough; this is by far the best looking inner frame in existence; I am particularly drawn towards the legs; without armour it really gives off that mechanised feel and the amount of details are just astonishing to look at; the leg frame is composed of numerous parts; more parts means easier to paint and if you mix it with different colouring tones and accents; I guarantee that you'll get mouth watering results.

Head Unit - Noticeable differences are the proportions and details; notice that Ver Ka is wider and bigger, definitely a design departure from its predecessor. Due to the LED gimmick, you can expect the assembly to be far different from the original Hi Nu.

Head Unit

Torso Unit - Again, with the torso, it is generally bulky compared to the original Hi Nu; the cockpit hatch design have changed, where original Hi Nu is hatch is embedded with the collar, Ver Ka is stand alone and is a separate part from the chest unit. The articulation is pretty good too and 1/100 Amuro can clearly be seen when you pop it open.
Torso Unit

Shoulder Units - Open hatch mechanism on the shoulders makes the kit all the more unique. It also extend outwards; the front and back panels are moveable for the extra articulation, I last saw this engineering on ver 3.0! Awesome!

Arms - The arm unit design is also a massive departure from the original Hi-Nu; I particularly love the mini Gatling gun since it is now more noticeable and looks the part of being a proper armament. You definitely have to check out those guns! Its fascinating.

Arms Unit
Waist Unit and Skirts - The waist unit is pretty standard and is comparable with Nu Ver Ka; where it departs from that is those oversized frontal and certainly the back skirts; and again, they have an open hatch mechanism! Happy days! The back skirts I particularly love, it has a 2 point articulations revealing the awesome frame details and the important exhaust vents.

Leg Unit
Legs - As mentioned earlier, you just gotta love those massive legs, the overall design is what makes the kit unique! It makes the OG legs look anorexic; you can tell that this Hi Nu did not skip Leg Day! Another thing to love is the open hatch mechanism! I just love those vents, frame detail and thrusters being revealed when you pull the flaps up. Notice that the Original Hi Nu had an armour separation mechanism to reveal the frame; Ver Ka does not have this design but more than makes up for it with the multiple articulated hatches on the back of the leg.


Waist Unit
Back Pack - How the back pack base is assembled is similar to the original Hi Nu where you have to build the frame first then the armour. However, that’s where the similarities end. The Stabiliser has now been enlarged to a more presentable and cool looking design. This too has an inner frame and has overlapping armour with colour separations; the Funnel Deliver Systems are also a lot larger and again has a frame to add the needed substance. The Funnel connection is also an improvement since the original Hi Nu had issues on holding the funnels together. This new design is very sturdy indeed and funnels are in place without any issues. The delivery systems also has an open hatch gimmick revealing the storage for the extra beam sabres .

Funnels Delivery System
Rifle and Bazooka Detail
Main Weapons - The rifle and Hyper Bazooka has both been upgraded, design wise; it is now longer and a tad larger compared to the original armaments. It also also composed of more parts making it easier to paint; the funnels have also been revamped to accommodate the new design. One thing that hasn't change is the daunting task to assemble this 12 times >.< 

Overview - So to sum it up,  I can only provide words of praise; this is by far one of the best Ver ka kit I have ever assembled. Hi Nu Ver Ka would've surpassed Sinanju by a mile if it did not have polycaps. But, even with that in mind, this is still a very awesome kit; for a kit with substantial size, I did not run into stability issues. Since the feet are a lot wider, it can pretty much handle its own weight without the provided stand. The fuel tanks themselves acts as a stand so the length of it is definitely a bonus. 

Those open hatch mechanism is what sells the kit design, I love how the frame is revealed when you open those hatches up; and talking of the frame, it is definitely my favourite in terms of design and engineering; If I can get away with not covering it up, I definitely would. 

Now, some people say that its not as good as the Nu Ver Ka or its not as detailed as the Sazabi Ver Ka; I agree with them, when you look at the armour it definitely lacks details but this is also where the kit shines; This kit is made for the hard-core modelers, the first thing that went to my head when I saw this are panel lines, details here, details there, plating here, plating there. It really does bring out your ideas to the table; I see this as Katoki giving a modeler a blank canvas and demanding to detail it up. This is truly a kit with heavy customisation in mind but if you're an OTB builder and a collector, beauty is still appreciated with built as stock due to most of the parts being undergated. Hi Nu Ver Ka is a retro design with a modern approach; if you're a fan then I would highly recommend buying this kit, you simply have to build this for yourself to appreciate the sheer beauty of this awesome gunpla. Now, all I have to do is wait for the monstrous HWS Add-ons! to complete this beast! 


Design 9/10 - Retro Design with a Modern Take, you simply have to build it for yourself to appreciate the design merits.

Build 10/10Astoundingly awesome, the frame is a joy to build and when composed together, it is one of the best there is; Oh I almost forgot, about 90% of the parts are Undergated so goodbye Nubs!

Details 8/10 -  not as much as the previously released Ver Ka's but will definitely fuel your customization ideas. I myself cant wait to custom this plainly awesome kit!

Articulation 10/10nearly infinite articulation with a newer frame design and those open hatch mechanism is just to die for.



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