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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Build Review for GKC

Mini Review for the RG EXIA After much deliberation, I finally had the urge to try and experience the RG line. As you may have noticed; I primarily work on MG's since this is the line I am most comfortable in building, re-modding and painting. Building this kit completely threw me off my comfort zone. This kit presented me with so many varied challenges that I was kinda ill prepared on how to individually tackle them. I've had my fair share of challenging kits but never have I encountered a kit that gave me constant "WTF" moments. So for this IG Review, I will give my score out of 10 on the following: 

Design - 9/10; awesome,love it! 
Build - 3/10; not as good as I thought 
Details - 6/10; for an RG, its simply lacking 
Articulation - 4/10; quite restricted in some areas 

Now, don't be discouraged if you find this review a bit "mehhhhh"; after all, these are my views and I still urge you to buy it so that you can have your own opinion on the said RG kit. Check my full review here. 

Mixed in the images is a comparison with HG Exia Trans-Am from the GN Arms kit.


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