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Sunday, 16 March 2014

HG Nobel Gundam

This project was a quick project, just simple armour mods, changed the shoulder thrusters, skirt details and back thrusters. Another experimentation project; Always wanted to build a Nobel, in fact this was the first HG I’ve built in a long time. Primarily made this for my wife since she was the one who pushed me to build and do something different with it. When I was thinking of a draft, my first dilemma was how to change the hair. The stock part for the hair so to speak look too blocky for my liking. Out of the blue, my wife told me if I could use real hair for it. At first I was like huh? But then I took the challenge and tried to work it out somehow. At the time she was having her haircut so I said to the hairdresser if I can take a few strands, enough to maybe group together and possibly install it on the head part.

It was definitely a challenge since hair is very difficult to work with; another problem was the concept; thought to myself, How the hell am I going to mount the hair once its grouped? Since the stock head is fairly flat without the stock hair; so as a solution, I used another redundant head part, cut it in half and mod it to fit in the back  of the head like an enlarged hair tie. I grouped the hair using a scratch built cubed part; I simply drilled in the middle and fed the hair; I then fixed the hair using a substantial amount of cement. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but when it dried, it was pretty solid.

Apart from the head mod; everything else is pretty simple; simple shading and custom mixed the paint. I also designed an emblem for it and painted the base that came with it. The challenge was quite enjoyable to overcome, though I wont do this again XD. 


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