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Monday, 17 March 2014

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise

This project took quite a while to complete due to the custom add-ons as well as the paint detail that I was hoping to achieve. I always wanted to build this kit since I love the Astray Frame series and both the MG Blue and Red are 2 of my favourite MG’s of all time. I initially designed this to be a counterpart for my ARF Raizen; since Raizen is geared towards light armor and weaponry deployment; ABF is the complete opposite. I wanted my ABF to be heavy, one that can take large capital ships which just one strike; with this as a base, I set out to plan my draft.

Since the MG frames primarily came with the awesome tactical arms, I wanted to keep this equipment but no longer my build’s main weapon. The whole concept is all about close combat and I knew that I had to equip it with multiple physical blades. I am not a fan of beam weapons; I find physical blades to be more aesthetically appealing and gives the kit more of an edge in terms of combat capabilities so to speak and since I am building an ABF, it was a given that physical blades are going to be my primary weapon of choice. The main weapon is from Kotobukiya Weapon MSG called Unite Sword; always like the weapon designs for MSG and with the right kit, they can be very compatible with any custom design. Since it met my need for large swords, all I had to do is mod the hilt so that my build can use it. The 2 side blades are from 1/100 Gale Strike; I really liked the serrated edge and again it was compatible with my design.

Since the equipment is very heavy, I wanted to design a new powerplant so that my variant can still move like your average speedy frame. I used the Gale Strike’s back pack as base but because the mount is not compatible, I mainly had to scratch build the them so that the male adapter for the striker pack can be just inserted with ease. This involved a lot of drilling as well as fixing a new male connector for the new backpack mount. Of course, I did not want the backpack to be fixed forever so I designed this to be detachable.

The mounts for the Tactical Arms are stock and I simply fixed this on top of the backpack unit adjacent to each other so that they can be used as boosters as well. As for the mounts for the Unite Sword; I drilled the original part where the shield for the Gale Strike would normally go and again used the stock mounts that came with the swords so that they can be easily docked together.

The head unit has been redesigned; the large horn is pretty hard to miss and I wanted the horn there since I designed it like that. I initially wanted to put smaller type blades on the side of the head but this would not be practical when I put that backpack  on so I stuck with the singular horn. I also scratch built and extra beam support with an angular design at the back of the head to elongate the head armor.

Overall, its pretty easy to see the custom parts I added on this build; I felt that I had to remod the armor to accommodate the new weaponry that I added to its arsenal. It took nearly 2 months to build and I can say that I enjoyed every minute of it. If you wish to see more pictures, please visit my FB page. Again, thank you for visiting my website. 

And Below are the custom illustrated art by a very talented illustrator Mulodesu


  1. Crazy design.
    Lovin it.

    One of the reasons I follow u on social media.

  2. damn, the artwork on the bottom is sick, also, your build just awesome! (h)

  3. Crazy stuff...... but how to build? I also have blue frame astray.....

  4. hey tr13 how much would you want for a custom, ps i love your builds