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Saturday, 15 March 2014


Well, not much to say with this project really apart from its done and dusted. It was definitely a challenge especially when I decided to mod the Active Cloak; it took me two attempts to shape the extensions to a more suitable curve and point. Putty work was quite tedious too and hand moulding them was not easy. In the end, it worked out pretty well and I am happy with the Cloak's proportions.

A few months ago, I found that the LED is losing its light so to speak, since this build was just sitting on my cabinet untouched; the internal wirings must've gotten damaged from when I installed the armour or when I was moving it around. I found the voltage to be very weak and since the LED was not directed to the eyes itself, the red light that I wanted was no longer achieved. So I then have to re-open the armour, which was very difficult as the paint had cured and I ran the risk of chipping them. I replaced the internal battery with a new one and re-adjusted the wire connections; as you can see with the newer images, the eyes looks more prominent which gave the build an edge.

Shooting this was a lot of fun as the theme that I wanted was dark and menacing. I can honestly say that this kit was very cool to work with. Wing kits tend to use the same inner frame and yes it is pretty damn solid. It can hold its weight and the articulation is quite good too. Not gonna go into too much detail into reviewing this kit, only that I can definitely recommend it. The main selling point for the wing kits are in their designs; since they are very unique, there is no reason for you not to get them.

I moved house recently and sadly in the process of moving, this kit was badly damaged; the paints have major chippings in some parts and some rivets were missing. The attachment on the wings is also missing and I can no longer find it; and it seems that the paint itself have started to fade; it saddens me to see it like this now :( Its gonna be a huge undertaking if I decide to fix this; as I love DSH, I will in the future upgrade this design since I now have a little bit more experience from when I completed this project many moons ago. Seeing this standing up again has given me the motivation to properly do it the next time round.


  1. Nice...but I'd like to see some of your recent works <3

    1. Thank you, I am uploading my old builds first since it takes time to re-shoot them again.

  2. Please could do more tutorials or like a step by step process or updates to see the progress you make with ur new upcoming builds???? :-?

  3. can you please do a list of the models and parts you used